REVIEWER: Dr. Michael Halbherr, CEO of Gate5.

BACKGROUND: Gate5 AG is a software company specializing in the development of software technology and applications for next-generation location-based mobile Internet services. Customers such as media groups, mobile operators and companies in the automotive sector license Gate5 software products and solutions to deploy attractive value-added services for their customers.

PLATFORMS: Compaq server with a 1 GH CPU, 1GB RAM memory in a Windows environment.

PROBLEM SOLVED: With market intelligence critical to helping Gate5 develop its award-winning mobile Internet solutions and ultimately stay ahead of the competition, the company needed a way to manage and capitalize on enormous amounts of unstructured and disparate market data. In addition, with customers and partners around the world and the fast-paced nature of the mobile Internet services market, the solution needed to be accessible by employees across the globe, yet flexible enough to encourage company-wide adoption. Entopia Quantum provided Gate5 with exactly what they required. With Quantum's intuitive interface and three-pronged approach (capture, collaborate and capitalize), Gate5 is able to transform massive amounts of data into decision- making power.

PRODUCT FUNCTIONALITY: Immediately after install, we began reaping the benefits of Quantum. Because Quantum does not impose a rigid structure nor interrupt an individual's normal work style, adoption of the solution has been effortless. In addition, the intuitive nature of the Quantum solution has almost eliminated the need for training, saving us time and money. We are currently in the information-gathering or "collection" stage. We are building our knowledge base through the gathering of information from any digital source with the simple click of a button. With Quantum's extensive "collect" features, we no longer need separate repositories for varying digital sources such as Word files, e-mails, PDFs and Web pages. The next step will be to leverage Quantum's technology to structure and categorize the knowledge base according to our business model. Once our knowledge base "taxonomy" is completed, we can begin collaborating and capitalizing on the data. Quantum's "collaborate" features will bring the disparate knowledge of a corporation together to enable our employees to easily share information and collaborate with each other and their workgroups. Quantum "capitalize" will build upon Quantum's "collect" and "collaborate" features, further helping us realize the potential of our corporate knowledge through advanced features such as knowledge expert location.

STRENGTHS: The ability to capture all major sources of content including Web, desktop/shared server content and e- mail in a central repository has been the product's biggest strength. In particular, the capturing of Web data is extremely easy. With the click of a button, we are able to easily capture entire Web sites or just a paragraph. The Quantum desktop version is like having a personal research library at your fingertips.

WEAKNESSES: Capturing of e-mail could be refined. In addition, you cannot automatically sync local folders with the online version. Once Entopia improves the e-mail and syncing issues, Quantum will become Gate5's information vessel from which all corporate data will flow.

SELECTION CRITERIA: Gate5 chose Entopia Quantum because of its advanced capture function. In addition, the stable nature of the solution and its ability to encourage company-wide adoption made Quantum the natural choice.

DELIVERABLES: Entopia's Quantum delivers access to comprehensive competitive and market intelligence. The solution allows us to manage and capitalize on the massive amounts of disparate data ­ from e-mails to Web information to Word documents ­ that we are inundated with on a daily basis. Before Quantum, we managed data by placing it in a sea of server files never to be found again. Now, with the Quantum solution, we are confident that that sea of server files will be leveraged to its fullest potential.

VENDOR SUPPORT: Entopia implemented Quantum in a timely and effective manner. They are always very attentive and responsive to our needs.

DOCUMENTATION: As the product is quite intuitive, Gate5 has not had to rely on Quantum documentation. However, the documentation seems to be complete and easy to understand.

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