Digital transformation strategies and tech investments often at odds

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While decision makers are well aware that digital transformation is essential to their organizations’ future, many are jumping into new technologies that don’t align with their current digital transformation pain points, according to a new report from PointSource, a division of Globant that provides IT solutions.

All too often decision makers invest in technologies without taking a step back to assess how those technologies fit into their larger digital strategy and business goals, the study said. While the majority of such companies perceive these investments as a fast track to the next level of digital maturity, they are actually taking an avoidable detour.

PointSource surveyed more than 600 senior-level decision makers and found that a majority are investing in technology that they don’t feel confident using. In fact, at least a quarter plan to invest more than 25 percent of their 2018 budgets in artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, voice-activated technologies or facial-recognition technologies.

However, more than half (53 percent) of companies do not feel prepared to effectively use AI, blockchain or facial-recognition technologies.

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Companies are actively focusing on digital transformation, the survey showed. Ninety-four percent have increased focus on digital growth within the last year, and 90 percent said digital plays a central role in their overarching business goals.
Fifty-seven percent of senior managers are unsatisfied with one or more of the technologies their organizations’ employees rely on.

Many companies feel digitally outdated, with 45 percent of decision makers considering their company’s digital infrastructure to be outdated compared with that of their competitors.

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