Digital transformation driving cloud communications push

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Digital transformation is reshaping the communications landscape and driving businesses to adopt cloud communications and communications platform-as-a-service for customer engagement, according to research from communications provider TeleSign.

The company surveyed 500 customer communications professionals, and 87 percent said communicating via SMS/text, voice and other cloud communications channels is vital to their organization’s success.

For companies that have already adopted cloud communications, nearly twice as many report exceptionally high revenue growth rates (20 percent or above) than those that do not use cloud communications. A majority (93 percent) of cloud communications users report that embedding communications into their Web and mobile apps led to higher customer satisfaction.

Of the companies still in early stages of digital transformation (using mobile connectivity, cloud, and self-service channels to achieve better business results), 64 percent are struggling to meet the demands of real-time communications and 60 percent are not meeting customer expectations of continuous communication availability, the report said.

The study said the primary use case for cloud communications today is sending alerts, notifications and reminders, followed by sending marketing messages, enabling two-way communications, streamlining account registration, and protecting accounts with two-factor authentication.

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