Digital disruption drives hiring at mid-market companies

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In the midst of the tightest labor market in years, mid-market and private companies are placing a premium on the talent they need to support their technology initiatives.

This focus on technical talent is helping these businesses increase productivity, improve customer engagement and create entirely new lines of business, according to a new report from consulting firm Deloitte.

For its research, Deloitte surveyed 500 executives and found that 46 percent plan to increase the number of people that they hire as a key part of their effort to deploy new and emerging technologies. Only 26 percent see digital disruption as reason to shrink their workforce.

"Mid-market and private companies understand they don't have to compromise between investments in technology and talent," says Chris Jackson, senior manager at Deloitte Consulting. "The segment is augmenting the workforce with technology and driving businesses in new ways."

Business operations, customer service and marketing will see the most workforce-related changes as a result of new digital initiatives, per the report.

To prepare workers for this shift, 61 percent of mid-market and private companies are reskilling their employees, and 57 percent are redesigning jobs to more readily integrate people and machines.

Information security, meanwhile, continues to be a top investment priority, with mid-market and private companies viewing it as the number one factor impacting their business, their workforce and their customers.

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