Desktop computers and desk phones still rule in most organizations

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Desktop computers are still dominant in the workplace, with 68 percent of organizations reporting that they are the primary computing device for employees, according to a new report from online IT platform provider Spiceworks.

That compares with only 29 percent using laptops and 1 percent using tablets as the primary device, according to the report, which is based on a survey of 1,372 IT professionals in North America and Europe that Spiceworks conducted in July 2018.
Three quarters (75 percent) of organizations said employees are using desk phones as their primary telecommunications device, compared with only 16 percent using company-issued smartphones.

The findings indicate organizations today are holding on to technology longer than traditional replacement cycles, but as younger generations become the IT decision makers there might be a shift to new, higher-end devices.

When examining how long organizations hold on to their hardware, the results show 70 percent of companies use desktops for five or more years before replacing or decommissioning them, and 24 percent use them for seven or more years.

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By comparison, 48 percent of companies use laptops for five or more years, but only 8 percent use them for seven or more years. Company-owned tablets and smartphones typically last two to four years.

Larger computing systems are among the longest-lasting hardware. For example, 75 percent of organizations use servers for five or more years, and 32 percent use them for seven or more years before replacing or decommissioning them.

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