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REVIEWER: Bobbie Wilbur, director of application solutions for The Center to Promote HealthCare Access, Inc.


BACKGROUND:The mission of The Center to Promote HealthCare Access, Inc. is to combine software development with process reform to help underserved people gain access to health and other social services. In the past, when an uninsured individual came into a California County facility seeking benefits or services, the assistor had to complete paper applications that would then be submitted to different federal, state and local programs to identify for services that the individual was eligible. Often the assistor would handle one program application and then refer the person to another agency to complete other applications for other services. This was a significant burden for the person seeking services and a time-consuming, tedious and error-prone task for the assistors. Compounding matters, the Center had to interface with systems and applications spread across different agencies that had limited technical resources available to enhance or maintain the programs.


PLATFORMS: Denodo Platform 4.1, Microsoft .NET, Windows 2003, Microsoft SQL Server 2005.


PROBLEM SOLVED: To better serve the uninsured and to maximize operational efficiency for all involved, The Center utilized Denodo’s Data Mashup and Web process automation technology to develop One-e-App, a state-of-the-art, Web-based system that uses a single interface to simultaneously submit electronic applications for services and benefits to multiple federal, state, local, private and nonprofit programs. Web automations were developed to handle several complex operations and configurations including passing information to and from various agency Web sites. All electronic signatures, dynamic page opening, form processing and third party payments are now seamlessly processed. Data mashups provide data normalization and semantic transformations to communicate between the systems and deliver virtualized “single view” mashup results to users. Now, identifying coverage eligibility is performed in real time. And, because the Center handles all coding requirements, the various agencies gain significant benefits without any coding or changes to their Web site. Denodo makes it possible for Web applications across consumer, business and government entities to communicate effectively so clients can be better served.


PRODUCT FUNCTIONALITY: Denodo provides integration between external and internal applications and across structured, semistructured and unstructured data. When an assistor submits an application into One-e-App, One-e-App automatically sends a Web request to the appropriate applications and establishes a two-way communication using a persistent browser - enabling agents to extract, integrate and exchange data through the browser Web interface and provide virtualized real-time mashups to the business users. Denodo provides automatic maintenance of the Web integration, even when the target sites change.


STRENGTHS: The Denodo Platform was able to quickly and affordably address our complex integration needs. Its highly scalable, real-time Web process automation capabilities efficiently handle the rapid explosion of our diverse Web applications used by consumers, businesses and government employees. Unlike traditional integration methods, Denodo extends business process management to the Web using a ubiquitous Web browser interface to enable us to easily extract information from the Web to feed to other business and Web applications. With Denodo, we are now able to create, manage and automate Web processes and synchronize them with existing business processes.


WEAKNESSES: When trying to communicate with a pull-down screen that used AJAX, we could not get the connection to work. With some help from the Denodo team we were able to address our problem quickly. Denodo’s current product has advanced features for supporting dynamic Web sites.


SELECTION CRITERIA: We needed a data integration product that could adequately automate our diverse Web processes in real time across internal and external applications. The chosen product had to have minimal impact on performance and needed be able to handle multiple sessions simultaneously. The vendor of our previously used a mashup tool did not maintain the product to work with .NET limitations and provided inadequate service and support. Denodo’s enterprise data mashups allowed us to deliver our application in a fraction of the time and cost affiliated with traditional integration approaches.


DELIVERABLES: One-e-App modernizes the enrollment process for California's publicly funded health and social programs and provides a powerful set of tools to county and community-based agencies. Providing advanced integration capabilities, Denodo allowed us to provide benefits to both consumers and program administrators. For consumers, One-e-App offers a one-stop access to a range of programs and a simple way to navigate the complicated enrollment process. For program administrators, One-e-App provides a cost-effective, efficient, flexible and secure system that can be locally managed.


VENDOR SUPPORT: The Denodo team was extremely professional and went out of their way to ensure our needs were met.


DOCUMENTATION: Documentation was thorough and intuitive.


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