Data flow mapping tools play key role in many privacy strategies

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Products that help organizations discover and map data flows top the list of purchase plans for privacy technology, and privacy teams are playing a larger role in buying decisions, according to a recent report by the International Association of Privacy Professionals, a global information privacy community.

This comes as organizations navigate a complex field of regulations, noted the study, which was conducted with TrustArc, a privacy compliance management provider.

The companies surveyed 345 privacy professionals worldwide in March 2019, and found that tools for data mapping/flow (24 percent), data discovery (23 percent), assessment management (20 percent), and individual rights (18 percent), are the top privacy product categories for the next 12 months.

The survey results showed similar privacy technology purchasing habits among companies, regardless of size or whether they are in highly regulated or non-regulated industries.

Privacy teams are the leading decision makers for nine of the 11 tool categories the researchers examined. Privacy teams are the top budget sources for privacy assessment, privacy legal updates, individual rights, data mapping, and data subject consent.

“This survey encapsulates the priorities and decision-making process organizations are pursuing to ensure ingrained privacy and compliance,” said Trevor Hughes, CEO of IAPP. “By providing a better understanding of the practices followed across the industry, the survey results can help organizations benchmark, budget, and plan for how to use and deploy technology to enhance their privacy programs.”

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