Data-Driven Marketers: Mobile Is One Piece of the Story

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Modern marketers are multichannel strategists, relying most heavily on email, direct mail and social media, according to a new report from the Direct Marketing Association, a trade association that helps advance data-driven marketing efforts.

Sixty-five percent of marketers surveyed online by DMA from December 2014 to January 2015 use two or more media types in their marketing campaigns, with 44% reporting that they use three or more, according to DMA’s 2015 Response Rate Report.

Of the key channels examined in the report—mobile, email, online display, paid search, telephone and direct mail—email ranked at the top, with 83% of the survey respondents saying they used that channel in their marketing campaigns.

“Most organizations do not rely on any single type of media or channel for their campaigns,” Jerry Rackley, chief analyst for Demand Metric, said in a statement. Demand Metric, a global marketing research and advisory firm, partnered with DMA on the report.

“In fact, just 35% of this study’s respondents claim to use just a single one, and that one is most often email,” Rackley said. “What’s more likely is for organizations to use more than multiple channels, and 44% of the respondents use three or more. When this is the case, those media are most likely to be email, direct mail and social media.”

While mobile represented the smallest sample in the survey, it shows the greatest promise for growth over the next 12 months, with 73% of respondents indicating plans to increase their usage.

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