Constant tech advances driving high demand for IT training

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Networking, operating systems, security, and programming training are in the highest demand among technology and developer professionals, according to a new report from Skillsoft, a provider of corporate learning services.

The firm’s Skillsoft Signals report also showed that technology professionals prefer micro-learning and that video is their preferred learning method, followed by books and courses.

For its research, Skillsoft analyzed more than 25 million hours of learning across its user base of nearly 12 million technology professionals between February 2018 and January 2019.

As organizations move from a “command-and-control” structure with quarterly product releases to a lean, agile model that requires continuous deployment at scale, they are increasingly seeking a new breed of enterprise technologist who can seamlessly transcend multiple disciplines.

The emergence of roles such as data scientist demonstrate the growing importance of employees who possess versatile skills and are proficient in multiple technologies.

Among the key learning trends revealed in the report: CompTIA certification training delivered the most hours of content consumed across the Skillsoft portfolio; while training for Java remains the most consumed among programming languages, learners’ total hours of Python training jumped by 20 percent; networking and operating systems leads in hours of training; and continual learning is critical to reducing the skills gap.

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