Cloud investments paying off with better data access, security

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A large majority of technology decision makers said their organizations invested in cloud services in 2016, and software-as-a-service and security-as-a-service continue to be the leading cloud models companies are adopting, according to a new report from IT services provider Insight.

For Insight’s Intelligent Technology Index the company commissioned Market Insights Group to survey 401 IT professionals with decision-making responsibilities in November and December 2016, and 84 percent said their organization invested in cloud services in 2016.

The survey showed that 57 percent had adopted software-as-a-service and 51 percent had adopted security-as-a-service offerings. Next were infrastructure-as-a-service (39 percen%) and disaster-recovery-as-a-service (34 percent).

While only 15 percent of the organizations have fully migrated their corporate application workloads to public clouds, 47 percent are more than halfway implemented in the cloud, with large and medium companies leading the way.

Organizations that have invested in cloud services are seeing benefits including a more flexible and collaborative IT environment (61 percent), safer data environment (59 percent), better remote access (55 percent), improved support from providers (48 percent), faster speed to market (36 percent), and a reduction in capital expenditure fees (35 percent).

“While an on-premise strategy makes sense for many business workloads, cloud computing continues to gain market share,” said Mike Gaumond, senior vice president of services at Insight. “Cloud-based infrastructure allows companies to be extremely nimble and lean, shifting the bulk of operational responsibility to the service provider.”

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