CEOs, Boards Seek IT Security Status Updates

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Nearly 70% of CEOs or boards of directors have asked their security teams about specific security policies and methods in the wake of recent high-profile breaches, according to a survey of 100 IT security professionals attending the recent RSA Conference, by cloud security company Netskope.

Of those respondents, 28% of boards and CEOs have asked specifically about security of cloud or software-as-a-service (SaaS) technologies, and 27% have asked about mobile device security and network security, showing that executives are not focused solely on one area of security, the company says.

About two thirds of the organizations surveyed (65%) said their IT security teams have changed or plan to change their cloud security policies and methods; and of those revising their cloud-specific security policies and methods just over half are a direct result of CEO/board-level conversations.

Some 14% of cloud application users now use compromised account credentials at work, according to the survey.

“As more information is disclosed and media follow every detail of mega breaches, there’s an incredible amount to learn,” Sanjay Beri, co-founder and CEO of Netskope, said in a statement.

“But for all the information available, we were curious to know if the impact of those breaches was enough for board members and CEOs to move the needle in the boardroom,” Beri said. “I’m encouraged knowing that recent high-profile data breaches have incited conversations between board-level decision-makers and security teams, and action is being taken to prevent similar breaches.”

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