Businesses struggling to prep their data for AI deployments

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Nearly half of all companies are unable to deploy artificial intelligence because their data does not currently support the technology’s requirements.

But with interest in AI surging, that has lent new urgency to getting AI-compatible data management practices in place, according to a recent survey of 1,000 business and IT leaders worldwide. The study, conducted by Branded Research on behalf of the technology consultancy Infosys, found that more than three out of four organizations are investing in new data management tools, as part of their efforts to realize AI’s benefits.

The majority of the survey respondents also indicated that their company has begun taking steps to prepare employees to work with AI, with 53 percent launching or stepping up training programs for the job functions most likely to be affected by an AI deployment.

Respondents also expressed concerns that industry regulations may impede their company’s ability to make use of AI and that their competitors may gain an advantage from the technology.

As a result, many organizations are attempting to move beyond the experimental phase and begin actual AI deployments.

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