Business continuity and availability remains top priority for IT

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While business continuity and high availability are the top concern of IT, enhanced security will be the main initiative organizations will pursue over the next 24 months, according to a report by enterprise software provider Syncsort.

The company surveyed 5,632 worldwide IT professionals online between January 2017 and July 2017, and found that 47 percent said continuity and availability is IT’s top concern. About half (49 percent) said security is the top initiative companies will pursue in the next 24 months, with investments in virus and malware protection, patch management, and intrusion detection/ prevention.

Nearly two-thirds of companies surveyed perform security audits on their systems, and the most common frequency of audits was annually (39 percent). Another 10 percent audit every two years or more, which the report noted could expose companies to risk.

IT leaders are entrusting critical applications to the cloud, but with concerns. Some 43 percent identify the cloud as their top security challenge for the coming year, followed by sophistication of attacks (37 percent) and ransomware (35 percent).
IT is not only being measured on functional IT disciplines, but also on impact to customers and business users.

Availability/uptime led at 67 percent, followed by application performance (49 percent) and customer satisfaction (47 percent).
Nearly half of the organizations experienced a failure requiring a high availability/disaster recovery solution to resume operations. More than one third (35 percent) lost a few minutes to an hour of data, 28 percent lost a few hours and 31 percent lost a day or more.

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