Big Data Pushes Deeper Into Oil and Gas

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Big data applications and services continue to dig deeper into key vertical markets. The latest example involves an oil and gas big data platform from Mtell and MapR Technologies.

The new Mtell Reservoir includes MapR, Mtell Previse Software, and Open TSDB (time-series database). The system gathers and analyzes real-time sensor and historical data alongside maintenance data that are generated from industrial equipment for oil rigs, chemical plants, mining, water/wastewater and other sources, according to Mtell and MapR.

The solution has proven loading of over 100 million data points per second on four servers, with performance that scales linearly with the number of servers, the companies assert.

Who Does What?

Mtell (also known as Mtelligence Corp.) develops software solutions for managing the health of industrial equipment -- including the oil and gas, mining, pharmaceutical and wastewater industries. MapR is one of the best-known providers of Hadoop.

Working together, MapR and Mtell think they can gather more data -- more rapidly -- for predictive analytics that mitigate equipment problems and optimize performance.

"With contemporary approaches, it takes an inordinate amount of time to load large datasets, forcing unacceptable delays before analysis can start," MapR said in a prepared statement. "The combined MapR/Mtell solution drastically reduces loading time, while also enabling the ingestion and analysis of high-speed, real-time sensor data streams."

Growing Trend

Integrated big data solutions -- often called turn-key big data -- from multiple companies in recent months. In addition to vertical-market offerings, horizontal solutions from Avnet, Cisco and EMC are reaching the market now.

Still, MapR and Mtell think the vertical market approach will ensure customers gain big data solutions built specifically with their business use cases in mind.

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