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Big Data’s Massive Clout

March 13, 2012 – More than just a spurt in spending, the growth of the big data market will lead to more decisions made on business value rather than technological capabilities, according to new benchmark research from IDC.

In “Worldwide Big Data Technology and Services 2012-2015 Forecast,” the Massachusetts research and advisory firm defines big data tech as a new wave of offerings and architecture to extract value from large data volumes spread across various sources. That big data market is anticipated to hit $16.9 billion in 2015, representing compound annual growth of 40 percent. That growth vastly outpaces the overall information management and communications market, according to IDC. However, segments related to big data will undergo differing levels of growth over the next four years – 27 percent for servers, 34 percent for software and 61 percent for storage.

The direction of the spending means a related growth in enterprise appliances, cloud deployments and outsourcing deals with big data technology. In the research, IDC stated that this points to the possibility that end users will increasingly pay less attention to technology and its components and instead focus on data business value discussions and strategy.

This isn’t to take away from the importance of big data systems and in-house performance, availability, security and manageability, but it does allude to “less of a point for differentiation” between providers, according to the research.

Dan Vesset, program vice president for IDC’s Business Analytics Solutions division, said in a release on the research that use cases of this change in and from the big data market “are already present across industries and geographic regions.”

“For technology buyers, opportunities exist to use Big Data technology to improve operational efficiency and to drive innovation,” said Vesset.

In addition, IDC Storage Systems Program Vice President Benjamin S. Woo said the growth rate in big data revenue noted in the research “is underscored by the large number of new open source projects that drive infrastructure investments.”

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