Back to Basics: 12 Technology Predictions for 2010

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December 29, 2009 – CMS Watch announced 12 technology predictions for the coming year.

The current recessionary period in particular will yield many content technology investments focused on customer-facing systems, CMS Watch founder, Tony Byrne was quoted to say. “In 2010 we will see a renewed focus on internal applications.”

  1. Enterprise content management and document management will go their separate ways.
  2. Faceted search will pervade enterprise applications.
  3. Digital asset management vendors will focus on SharePoint integration over geographic expansion.
  4. Mobile will come of age for document management and enterprise search.
  5. Web content management vendors will give more love to intranets.
  6. Enterprises will lead thick client backlash.
  7. Cloud alternatives will become pervasive.
  8. Document services will become an integrated part of enterprise content management.
  9. Gadgets and Widgets will sweep the portal world.
  10. Records managers face renewed resistance.
  11. Internal and external social and collaboration technologies will diverge.
  12. Multilingual requirements will rise to the fore.

CMS Watch’s predictions support some of what Information Management has covered in the past year.

For example, the search market is poised for change and the revival of faceted-search, surfacing after years of turbulence. Enterprise search vendors spent much of 2009 digesting acquisitions and stabilizing their offerings.

“Like so many other companies in this economy, search vendors have become more risk-averse and are focusing on stabilizing what they have and selling smarter,” said CMS Watch Principal, Theresa Regli in March.

Overall, next year will be characterized by a back-to-basics movement, CMS Watch analyst Jarrod Gingras blogged earlier this month. “While some of these changes may seem modest, oftentimes recessionary times are the catalyst for necessary changes to be made.”

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