Augmented intelligence key to unlocking value of siloed data, says study

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The use of many, single- or limited-purpose and disconnected technologies leads to a severe lack of interoperability, and data that could guide strategic decision making remains locked within silos, according to a report from Forbes Insights in association with IBM.

The key to optimizing results, according to the study, is “augmented intelligence.” This includes systems that partner with people on well-defined tasks by combing through massive amounts of structured and unstructured data to detect patterns, relationships and insights.

To better understand how companies are using augmented intelligence to innovate and optimize customer experience, the companies surveyed 305 senior marketing, commerce, and supply chain executives in the U.S. in September 2017.

Among the key findings is that improving customer experience is an organizational imperative, but challenges intervene. Two-thirds of organizations said it’s a priority for them to deliver a more personalized, transparent, consistent customer experience. But challenges remain: the benefits of close cooperation across functions are not clearly understood (51 percent); business units or metrics are siloed (48 percent), and there’s a lack of senior executive buy-in (47 percent).

Augmented intelligence can help companies eradicate silos to improve the customer experience, the report said, but marketing, supply chain, and commerce are not effectively working together to deliver leading-edge customer experiences today. More than half (53 percent) of survey respondents said the use of augmented intelligence will dramatically improve internal alignment among these three platforms.

Only a small number of companies are using augmented intelligence, however, with 37% having a single, significant proof of concept or even proposal. And only 14 percent of companies describe themselves as “leading-edge,” meaning they are using the most advanced technologies and data sets to gain deeper insights and improve their customer experience.

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