As cloud complexity grows, many organizations fear IoT 'burden'

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While a majority of organizations continue to invest in Internet of Things systems and devices, a majority believe that IoT performance problems could directly impact business operations and significantly damage revenues.

That was the fear of nearly three-quarters of IT leaders (74 percent), according to a report from software intelligence company Dynatrace. The company commissioned research firm Vanson Bourne to survey 800 CIOs and other IT executives worldwide, and 78 percent said there is a risk that their organization will roll out IoT strategies without having a plan or solution in place to manage the performance of the complex cloud ecosystems that underpin IoT.

A majority of the respondents (69 percent) predicted that IoT will become a major performance management burden as they struggle to overcome the escalating complexity of their modern enterprise cloud environments.

Another key finding is that 73 percent of IT executives worry that the number of third-parties and internal resources involved in IoT service delivery chains will make it difficult to identify who is responsible when performance problems arise. And about half (52 percent) said understanding the impact that IoT platform providers and network operators have on performance is a key challenge to managing user experience in IoT.

In addition, 75 percent of the executives are concerned that problems within the platform or network layer that impact the performance of their applications could be hidden from them by an IoT service provider.

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