What 15 top data science and analytics jobs are earning

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The role of data scientist may be the ‘top job of the 21st Century,’ as it was hailed a few years ago, but salaries for these professionals don’t seemed to have quite reached the stratospheric heights some had predicted.

According to the compensation website payscale.com, as of April 29, 2018, nearly half of top data science, data analytics and machine learning jobs were earning under $100,000 nationally. To be fair, most of those jobs were close to that mark, however.

The highest salary awarded to this highly-skilled group of professionals was that of the principal data scientist, which earns $141,000. The site is quick to note that what an individual can actually expect to earn is largely determined by the region where they live, the industry in which they work, and the number of years of experience they possess.

That said, in descending order, 15 top data science and analytics roles are now earning the following paychecks, based on the average of the combined job ads on the site:

Principal data scientist, IT (based on 103 job ads) = $141,055

Senior software engineer (based on 101 job ads) = $134,370

Senior data scientist, IT (based on 166 job ads) = $129,651

Senior data scientist (based on 329 job ads) = $127,925

Lead data scientist, IT (based on 79 job ads) = $126,861

Machine learning engineer (based on 322 job ads) = $110,889

Lead software engineer (based on 1,877 job ads) = $108,669

Software engineer (based on 324 job ads) = $102,288

Data scientist (based on 2,781 job ads) = $98,656

Analytics manager (based on 1,132 job ads) = $92,357

Data scientist / engineer (based on 282 salaries) = $91,648

Data scientist, IT (based on 727 job ads) = $91,055

Data engineer (based on 456 job ads) = $90,286

Analytics consultant (based on 485 job ads) = $78,021

Data analyst (based on 9,562 job ads) = $57,675

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