Aerospike Releases Update to Its High-Performance NoSQL Database

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Aerospike, a high-performance NoSQL database company based in Mountain View, CA, has announced the release of version 3.7 of its NoSQL database.

The firm says new features offered with version 3.7 enable “richer, more personalized applications, more efficient operations and greater stability across public and private clouds.”

New core functionalities of the release include:

● Geospatial indexing to bring more immediacy and physical reference points to applications.

● Streamlined list operations that make it possible to change data in a list directly on the server and remove the need to transfer data in order to manipulate the data set.

● Cluster stability advances that eliminate disruption from cloud provider infrastructure changes or ongoing maintenance.

● For developers, the recently announced Async C Client 4.0 provides pipelining capabilities that provide dramatic improvements in efficiency when working over WAN networks.

“Modern applications for both startups and global enterprises require a high-performance database that can manage and process increasingly greater volumes, velocities and varieties of data with no performance degradation as an application scales. As the first enterprise NoSQL database, Aerospike has been architected for the digital enterprise, providing data integrity, high-availability, predictable performance and high-speed transactional capacity,” the firm said in its announcement.

“Aerospike 3.7 builds on our core mission of speed at scale by providing a set of features that can enable rich, context-aware applications,” said Brian Bulkowski, Aerospike CTO and co-founder. “This sets the stage for future development and additional features that meet the needs of our users and provide the best developer experience possible.”

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