Advanced automation tools paying off for majority of firms, study reveals

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Nearly half of enterprises with advanced automation capabilities are exceeding their expectations for cost savings, productivity, accuracy, compliance and customer experience, according to a new report from technology research and advisory firm Information Services Group.

The ISG study examined the level of automation capability in enterprises where robotic process automation (RPA) is nearing deployment, or is already deployed, to understand how much business value is being delivered.

The study categorized respondents according to the ISG-developed "Bot Framework" methodology, encompassing 30 qualitative and quantitative aspects of automation strategy, organization, best practices, governance and technology.

ISG found that 18 percent of organizations are just getting started with RPA and are at a "Bot 0" level. The majority of organizations surveyed (58 percent) are at a "Bot 1.0" level, automating some production processes and starting their center of excellence (COE), while 17 percent are at a "Bot 2.0" level, with a high-performing COE, multiple automated processes, and cognitive technology experimentation underway.

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Only 7 percent of organizations are at a "Bot 3.0" level, with RPA in multiple functional areas and cognitive solutions in production. Of these organizations, almost half are finding their gains from automation are exceeding expectations.

"We found that as companies grow their automation capability, they get better results," said Stanton Jones, director and principal analyst at ISG. "Companies at a higher Bot level consistently exceed their expected business results across nearly every category."

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