5 MDM and Data Governance Experts to Know

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Master data management (MDM) and data governance experts are set to convene next month at a major conference in New York. Here's a look at five experts who will be stepping onto the stage at the MDM & Data Governance Summit (Oct. 4-6, Manhattan), along with their areas of focus.

1. Rajan Chandras, director of data architecture and strategy, NYU Langone Medical Center. Chandras and Informatica's Monica Mullen will describe the convergence imperative -- diving into multi-domain MDM, data quality and reference data.

2. Pushpak Sarkar, corporate VP and head of data architecture and analytics, New York Life Insurance Co. Sarkar will share best practices for data as a service (DaaS) and virtual MDM/RDM.

3. Michele Goetz, principal analyst, Forrester Research. Goetz tracks MDM and data governance issues for the major research firm. She's describe "the data trust trinity" and its importance to a data-driven organization.

4. Nicolas Lance, VP of retirement income strategies, OneAmerica. Lance and Cognizant's Naveen Sharma will cover the shift from policy-centric to customer-centric business -- with an emphasis on customer experience.

5. Wayne Garzancich, director of global industry initiatives, Daymon World Wide. Garzancich and Magnitude Software's Darren Peirce will describe the journey toward proactive MDM -- and how organizations should focus on "cleaning the rivers, not the lakes."

That's just a sampling of the many experts who are on the agenda for MDM & Data Governance Summit in New York. If you'd like to potentially meet the Information Management team at the conference please email me.

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