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9 top vendors for natural language processing generation analytics
Arria, Automated Insights, Narrative Science and AX Semantics are among the top emerging companies in the NLG market, says a New Wave study from Forrester.
Top emerging vendors for natural language processing generation analytics
Forrester Research has released its New Wave study on Natural Language Generation For Analytics, which looks at “The Nine Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up.” The study is authored by Boris Evelson with Srividya Sridharan, Eric G. Brown, and Robert Perdoni, and looks only at emerging vendors, in contrast to the traditional approach in Forrester’s Wave studies.
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About these vendors
“In our predictions report for AI, data, and analytics trends for 2018, we estimated that about a quarter of all enterprises using business intelligence (BI) will enjoy the benefits of NLG functionality,” the study says. “The market exceeded our expectation, and at the time of publishing this report most of the leading BI vendors will offer NLG for analytics in their latest product versions. Forrester now predicts that all leading BI vendors will include NLG for analytics by the end of 2019. The benefits are clear. NLG for analytics allows you deploy analytics to a wider audience, not just to data analysts, where end users will be able to interpret analytics results using narratives in natural language without help from IT and data professionals. Your organization will therefore reduce its reliance on expensive and hard-to-find talent like data analysts, data engineers and data scientists.”
“Arria is a Leader with robust writing automation and analytics capabilities,” the report says. “We found Arria’s writing automation capabilities to be the most comprehensive among all participants. Arria is best for companies that need a ‘space shuttle’ for writing automation. If your writing automation and NLG for analytics call for the top-of-the-line capabilities with a comprehensive IDE, and a myriad of rules and templates, Arria is a perfect fit for you.”
“Automated Insights is a market Leader in NLG for analytics,” the report says. “Automated Insights is best for companies that need to expand their BI footprint. Wordsmith is a natural fit if you already use one of the integrated BI platforms. If you use several of these platforms, you can generate consistent narratives across them.”
Narrative Science
“Narrative Science is a Leader in the market,” the report says. “Quill, Narrative Science’s NLG add-on … comes with multiple rules and templates for creating highly customized NLG applications. Narrative Science is a great fit for companies deploying BI to a wider audience. Quill is an obvious fit if you already use one of the integrated BI platforms. If you use several of these platforms, you can still generate consistent narratives across them.”
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“Salesforce offers NLG as part of Einstein Analytics platform. Einstein Discovery — one of the Salesforce Einstein Analytics apps — is the core NLG for analytics offering. No setup or customization is required for Einstein Discovery NLG — descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive narratives are there whenever you pull up a metric or a dashboard. Einstein Discovery NLG is very comprehensive. But there are no customization capabilities; the NLG that you see out of the box is all that you get.”
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“SAP embeds NLG capabilities into SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC),” the report says. “The latest versions of SAC and one of its features (Smart Assist) come with natively embedded NLG — or, as SAP calls it, dynamic text, Smart Insights, and Smart Discovery. No setup or customization is required — descriptive, diagnostic and predictive narratives are there whenever you pull up a metric or a dashboard. If you use SAC as your main BI/analytics platform, look no further for your NLG for analytics requirements. Since SAC is offered on cloud only, clients needing to deploy NLG for analytics on-premises will need to look elsewhere.”
AX Semantics
“AX Semantics provides NLG capabilities in over 100 languages,” the report explains. “Forrester found that most NLG tools are based on rules and templates. But AX Semantics also uses AI and machine learning to train the platform’s NLP engine. AX Semantics is best for companies that need NLG for analytics on a budget. AX Semantics is a developer-friendly product and is listed in the Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS) application developer marketplaces.”
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“IBM offers NLG as part of its Cognos Analytics platform,” the report explains. “Customers who used to enjoy the benefits of NLG in IBM Watson Analytics will now find that feature in Cognos Analytics. And you can’t get NLG benefits simpler than this — there’s no setup and no customization; NLG is there whenever you pull up a metric or a dashboard. IBM is a natural fit for Cognos Analytics customers. If you are already using Cognos Analytics and need basic, out-of-the-box NLG, look no further than Cognos Analytics.”
Marlabs is a great example of a systems integrator productizing analytics solutions,” the report says. “Marlabs mAdvisor is a great example of a new trend — productized offerings from consulting companies. The product has three components: Narratives For BI, which integrates with Google Analytics, Microsoft PowerBI, QlikSense, and Tableau; Automated Data Discovery, a lightweight BI tool with data exploration and discovery capabilities; and Automated Prediction, a tool for power analysts and citizen data scientists. Marlabs is a natural fit for its professional services customers and prospects.”
“Yseop offers a comprehensive embeddable NLG development platform,” the report says. “Yseop (pronounced “easy-op”) is a good fit for embedding NLG, especially when working with consultants. As a small company, Yseop refers most of the systems integration opportunities to its consulting partners. Whether you outsource or insource NLG development, consider that YML’s small footprint (the company claims it’ll work on devices as small as a smart watch) makes it especially attractive for embedding NLG functionality into your enterprise applications.”