9 top criteria for selecting software development hires
A willingness to learn, cultural fit and work experience are the three top criteria that hiring managers look for in software professionals, says a new study. Here's a look at what they seek overall in new hires.
9 top criteria for selecting software development hires
The number one quality that a potential software development hire should bring to the table is curiosity, says the new report "State of Software Development 2018," published by software development agency Coding Hans. The study looks at top issues related to software recruiting and hiring, which survey respondents ranked as the second biggest challenge in software development today, cited by 24 percent (capacity was voted number one, at 26 percent). Here is how hiring managers ranked their criteria for selecting the best software development talent.
Willingness to learn
Cited by 45 percent
Cultural fit
Cited by 40 percent
Work experience.jpg
Work experience
Cited by 38 percent
technical skill.jpg
Technical skill evaluation (tests)
Cited by 38 percent
test project.jpg
Test project or task
Cited by 17 percent
Side projects (apps, libraries, frameworks, etc.)
Cited by 12 percent
Soft skills
Cited by 7 percent
College degree
Cited by 5 percent
Certifications (i.e. AWS)
Cited by 2 percent