28 top master data management solutions

  • August 06 2018, 5:30am EDT
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28 top master data management products

At the recent MDM & Data Governance Summit, held July 11-13 in Chicago, MDM Institute Chief Research Officer Aaron Zornes offered his annual picks for the top vendors in the MDM space. In part one of a two-part series, we look at the first 14 companies and products named to the list.

AllSight 2018-2

AllSight offers a strong CDI and customer-centric MDM focus. The product aggregates complete customer context and infers new intelligence customer attributes. RDM capability is available as a separate module.

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Ataccama Master Data Center V12.0

Ataccama provides multi-domain MDM including RDM and full data quality. It features strong data stewardship UI wth validations, issue management and side-by-side record comparison and changes preview.

Dell Boomi MDM

Dell Boomi provides significant support for next-generation MDM including multi-domain, R/T synch, bi-directional data flow and data enrichment. It provides an integration of three key technologies: MDM, data integration and API management.

Enterworks Enable v8.2

Enterworks features XML-based MDM architecture, which enables complex and custom data models without development. It offers a robust workflow and business processes management engine, and its dashboard interface delivers greater visibility and control.

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IBM InfoSphere MDM v11.6

The IBM product features the integration of four best-of-breed products, including domain MDM in a single operational hub MDM server, initiate MDS, MDM4PIM and RDM. It features especially strong offerings in big data governance and RDM.

Informatica MDM 10.2.2

Informatica provides modular end-to-end MDM from platform to apps. It enables on-premise, cloud, hybrid plus Cloud MDM options. It offers pre-built, configurable MDM-based apps and provides higher performance and scalability.

Information Builders Omni-Gen v3.1

Information Builders exploits the synergies between business intelligence, data quality and MDM. It offers multi-domain MDM plus unified data integration and quality, and real-time data integration including process-level integration with Oracle and SAP.

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Innovative Systems Inc. Synchronos

Innovative Systems offers multi-domain MDM for operational or decision support, cloud, on –premise or hybrid options. It is easy to use and maintain, highly scalable, with hierarchy management and workflow management.

Magnitude MDM v10

Magnitude offers a multi-domain approach, and complex relationship management via a flexible model-driven approach. It has dedicated MDM consumer UI including Excel-based stewardship and graph brosing.

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 MDS

Microsoft provides tight integration with SQL Server Integration Services for ingeting data and DQS for cleansing and matching data. It provides hierarchy management including m:m and for data governance it provides entity level ability to manage business rules.

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Neo Technology Neo4j v3.4

Neo Technology provides a native graph database for do-it-yourself MDM, which is complimentary to the classic MDM hubs (CDI, PIM, RDM, operational and analytical). It handles complex relationships and related analytics, and as data models evolve it is easier to expand dynamically versus RDBMS.

Oracle Customer Data Mgmt Cloud r13

This Oracle product is a cloud-only, subscription based SaaS platform but it can be run on-premise via Oracle’s Cloud Machine. It offers a consolidation hub for “best record” creation and management, and its data-as-a-service provides comprehensive third party data inventory.

Oracle Hyperion DRM

This Oracle product features integrated MDM, data governance and RDM capabilities. It provides a graph-based, in-memory, config-only, model-driven product architecture. It also features a robust business rules engine and proactive data governance.

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Orchestra Networks EBX 5 v5.8.1

Orchestra Networks provides multi-capability MDM/MDG/RDM in one product. It offers multiple deployment options including on-premises, cloud, hybrid and edge computing. It also offers integrated proactive data governance, including data models, data quality rules and dashboards, workflow configuration, role-based security, business glossary and regulatory support.

More leading platforms in part two of this series

In part two of this series, the MDM Institute offers the remaining 14 leading providers of MDM products.