15 top MDM platforms 'that matter'
Enterworks, Informatica, Pitney Bowes and Riversand are among the providers of top platforms for master data management and data governance capabilities, says the MDM Institute.
Leading firms at master data management and data governance
In its annual report on the top master data management platforms, the MDM Institute has identified 15 from what it calls "Vendors That Matter," listed below. At the MDM & Data Governance Summit in New York, November 4-6, MDM Institute Chief Research Officer Aaron Zornes will explore in more detail what separates the best products from the rest.
Enterworks Enable v8.2
The Enterworks MDM platform features XML-based MDM architecture, which enables complex and custom data models without development. It offers highly scalable architecture for cloud or on-premise systems, a robust workflow, and deep PIM functionality.
IBM InfoSphere MDM v11.6
IBM’s MDM product features the integration of four best-of-breed platforms. It features strong offerings in big data governance and TDM, real-time probabilistic search/match accuracy, scalability and performance, and strong near real-time processing with business services.
Informatica MDM 10.2.2
Informatica offers modular end-to-end MDM, from platform to apps. It features higher performance and scalability, enables multiple deployment – on-premise, in the cloud, as a hybrid platform – plus Cloud MDM. Its fourth generation features include integrated BPM, packaged data integration, data quality, data-as-a-service, identity resolution and metadata.
Innovative Systems Inc. Synchronos
This platform offers multi-domain MDM for operational or decision support, in the cloud, on-premise or as a hybrid product. It is easy to use and maintain, with minimal cost, resources and risk.
Microsoft SQL Server 2016 MDS
The Microsoft product features tight integration with SQL Server Integration Services for ingesting data and DQS for cleansing and matching. If offers integration with Excel, SharePoint, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP.
Oracle Customer Data Management Cloud r13
This product is a cloud-only, subscription-based SaaS platform, but it can be run on premise via Oracle’s Cloud Machine. It features a consolidation hub for ‘best record” creation and management, exportable hierarchies and household management, and its data-as-a-service feature provides comprehensive third party data inventory.
Orchestra Networks EBX 5 v5.8.1
Orchestra Networks offers multi-capacity MDM, MDG and RDM in one product. It enables multiple deployment options, including on-premise, cloud, hybrid and edge computing. It also features integrated proactive data governance, including data models, data quality rules and dashboards, workflow configuration, role-based security, a business glossary and regulatory support.
Pitney Bowes Spectrum MDM v11
Pitney Bowes offers a single unified framework for E2E customer data management and analytical solutions. It is strong on natural language search, customer data visualization and dynamic exploration, data integration, data quality, data federation, governance and analytics.
Profisee Master Data Maestro v6.1
This platform features a full function MDM hub build on a MSFT stack, with adjunct hub for “other domains” in duology context. It features built-in workflow, reporting, analytics and data governance, and a strong “single view” of golden record management.
Reltio 2018.1
The Reltio product offers multi-domain, multi-tenant and multi-cloud functionality, big data scale, built-in GDPR and multi-industry compliance, data-as-a-service for third party data and for inter-enterprise sharing, and full PaaS to develop data-driven apps with mobile UI for business users.
Riversand MDMCenter v8
Riversand offers a cloud-native platform with core apps for PIM or MDM, with built-in data quality, data governance and data analytics capabilities. It offers NoSQL data modeling capability supporting multi-domain MDM focus, deep comprehensive PIM functionality, and deterministic and probabilistic matching.
SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) v9.0
SAP’s long-term strategy is HANA-based services for MDM, data quality, data governance, etc. This is its flagship MDM product to replace SAP NW MDM. It offers predefined and extensible data model, proven high-end performance via HANA, prebuild and flexible workflows, and multi-mode data replication.
Semarchy xMD v4.4
This platform offers strong multi-domain, multi-style support, an integrated platform that provides all critical MDM functionality, AI-enabled architectural flexibility, hyper-productivity features for data stewards, and integrated collaborative data governance.
Stibo Systems STEP 8.2
This platform offers deep functionality for MDM that is comprehensive and well integrated. It features strong process developing customer MDM functionality, a multi-entity MDM focus, scalability, and a quantity of PIM references.
TIBCO MDM 9.1; Cloud 2.1
TIBCO offers operational and collaborative MDM, with full lifecycle and process flows for multi-domain support and reference data. It features multi-hub, multi-application MDM, active data governance via integrated BPW workflow, and integrated data discovery and data governance.
The "Also Ran" MDM platform providers
In addition to the previous MDM platforms, which the MDM Institute calls "vendors that matter," the following 10 platforms were cited as "Also Rans" worthy of a look. They are:

Dell Boomi
Information Builders Omni-Gen
Magnitude MDM (Kalido)
Oracle DRM
Software AG