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14 top big data salaries for 2019
Software architects, data warehouse architects and data scientists lead the pack when it comes to top salaries working with big data projects.
'Big data' projects bring big bucks for many job roles
While 'big data' efforts don't grab the same headline attention they did two years ago, they continue to draw the interest of a majority of organizations. The result is that big data-related jobs are pulling in top salaries for many positions. Here are the salaries now paid to 14 leading big data jobs according to the recruitment site Indeed.com, based on Feb. 20 salary data.
Software architect
$141,615 average salary

(Based on 19,194 job postings nationally)
data warehouse architect two.png
Data warehouse architect
$135,474 average salary

(Based on 1,550 job postings nationally)
data scientist 14.png
Data scientist
$127,872 average salary

(Based on 6,959 job postings nationally)
senior engineer 14.png
Senior engineer
$124,176 average salary

(Based on 6,989 job postings nationally)
Senior software engineer
Senior software engineer

$122,449 average salary

(Based on 34,247 job postings nationally)
Senior developer
$108,449 average salary

(Based on 5,307 job postings nationally)
Software engineer
$108,153 average salary

(Based on 49,508 job postings nationally)
architect 14.png
$107,857 average salary

(Based on 4,815 job postings nationally)
data warehouse engineer 14.png
Data warehouse engineer
$105,267 average salary

(Based on 1,166 job postings nationally)
Java developer
$102,511 average salary

(Based on 14,315 job postings nationally)
Developer 14.jpg
$97,750 average salary

(Based on 17,017 job postings nationally)
Applications developer
$84,992 average salary

(Based on 9,397 job postings nationally)
Senior data analyst
$83,999 average salary

(Based on 1,185 job postings nationally)
Data analyst
$68,668 average salary

(Based on 5,048 job postings nationally)