14 leading vendors for master data management software
Informatica, Riversand, Orchestra Networks and Stibo Systems are among the top providers of MDM software, says a new Gartner Research Magic Quadrant report.
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About these vendors
Gartner Inc. has released its latest Magic Quadrant report, looking at 14 top providers of master data management software. The vendors are divided into four categories, depending on the strength of each product: leaders, challengers, visionaries and niche players. Gartner defines MDM as “a technology-enabled discipline in which business and IT work together to ensure the uniformity, accuracy, stewardship, semantic consistency and accountability of an enterprise’s official, shared master data assets. Master data is the consistent and uniform set of identifiers and extended attributes that describe the core entities of an enterprise, such as existing customers, prospective customers, citizens, suppliers, sites, hierarchies and the chart of accounts.”
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“Leaders demonstrate strength in depth across the full range of MDM functions, including core functions detailed as MDM solution critical capabilities,” Gartner explains. “Leaders exhibit a clear understanding of dynamic trends in the MDM market; they explore and execute thought-leading and differentiating ideas; and they deliver solution innovations based on the market’s demands. They have the strategic vision to address evolving client requirements.
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“Reference customers scored Informatica well above average in aggregate for their overall experience,” Gartner says. “Informatica was one of only three vendors to receive above-average scores for initial technical implementation and deployment. It also got an above-average score for account management, and scored second-highest in “recommending the product to others.”
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Orchestra Networks
“Orchestra submitted references across a broad range of data domains,” Gartner says. “It stands out for its success in rigorous competitive selection processes, based on a continued substantial prevalence of sales after detailed proofs of concept (POCs) for multiple data domains. While it can still benefit from greater penetration of and experience within the B2C customer domain (particularly at high data and transaction volumes), there was some progress in this area in 2017.”
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“Visionaries are innovators — they display healthy innovation and a strong potential to influence the direction of the MDM solution market, but are limited in terms of execution or demonstrated track record,” Gartner explains. “Typically, their products and market presence are not yet complete or established enough to merit Leader status. Although Visionaries may deliver good customer experiences, they may lack the scale, market presence, brand recognition, customer base or resources of Leaders.”
“Riversand has diverged from the incremental innovation that characterizes most of the MDM market,” Gartner explains. “Its MDMCenter v.8.0 vision is a fundamental shift from its historical application-centric approach to an outcome-based, data-centric approach to MDM. This approach provides for discovery, management, governance and analysis of master data through on-premises (private cloud) and cloud delivery options, as well as industry-specific solutions.”
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“Challengers have established presence, credibility and viability, along with robust solution(s) capabilities and solid sales and marketing execution,” Gartner says. “Challengers may not have the same breadth of offering as Leaders, and/or in some areas they may not demonstrate as much thought leadership or innovation. For example, they may focus or have demonstrated experience in a limited number of data domains (e.g., customer, product and location data only).”
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“IBM provides a unified information integration and governance platform that can broadly support an organization’s information management strategy,” Gartner says. “It sells MDM offerings both on a stand-alone basis and as bundles of workflow, stewardship and information governance capabilities. It has an extensive and robust network of implementation partners, and is able to articulate the value of MDM to larger data-centric business scenarios.”
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“Profisee’s understanding of the MDM market’s requirements forms the basis of a solid set of multidomain capabilities and roadmap,” Gartner says. “It has now eliminated its reliance on Microsoft’s Master Data Services (MDS). It launched an innovative multichannel training facility, Profisee Academy, in February 2017, and has a new strategy called LightSwitch to develop and market industry/scenario-specific data management applications based on MDM.”
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“SAP’s vision of enterprise information management (EIM) differs from Gartner’s but is directionally aligned,” Gartner explains. “It has demonstrated an understanding of the importance of data management and that required to deliver against its broader company vision. Master data is central to its delivery of EIM — SAP’s roadmap for MDM and related offerings reflects this.”
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“Semarchy exhibits solid understanding of MDM and its adjacent markets, and is developing more-robust positioning and messaging around xDM and its broader Intelligent Data Hub strategy,” Gartner says. “It submitted reference customers covering a broad span of master data domains and implementation styles, and supports deployment in both on-premises and AWS cloud environments.”
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Stibo Systems
“Stibo Systems consistently focuses on the value of its product and services in the context of business requirements,” Gartner says. “In 2017 it introduced a new message of ‘business first’ across its marketing and sales channels. This positioning is supported by survey respondents giving the vendor its highest score for understanding the business application of its MDM solution.”
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Niche Players
“Niche Players often specialize in a limited number of industries, geographic areas, market segments (such as small and midsize businesses) or data domains (such as master customer data or master product data),” Gartner explains. “Niche Players either do well in specific segments of the MDM solution market, or have limited ability to innovate or outperform other vendors. They may be focused on specific functionalities, domains or industries, or they may have gaps in relation to broader functionality requirements.”
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“Ataccama has demonstrable ability to deliver lower-cost, smaller-scope MDM solutions through its Data Quality Center product, and scale customers up over time into the MDC product as organizational requirements increase,” Gartner says. “Ataccama ONE also supports this deployment profile within an integrated cloud-based solution. Ataccama ONE can be deployed on-premises, providing for a range of deployment options for an enterprise MDM solution.”
“Contentserv received its best reference survey score for satisfaction with overall product capabilities, with the majority of reference customers being completely satisfied,” Gartner explains. “Furthermore, respondents said they were completely satisfied with the ability of the product to meet the needs of their organization.”
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“EnterWorks’s understanding of B2B2C scenarios is evidenced by notable reference customers addressing those scenarios,” Gartner explains. “The vendor achieved its highest reference survey scores for its understanding of the business application of its MDM solution.”
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“Reltio is the only cloud-native MDM solution that qualified for this Magic Quadrant,” Gartner says. “Consistent with this, 100% of reference customers reported cloud deployment. As a cloud-only MDM solution, we anticipate Reltio to maintain this lead for several years yet.”
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TIBCO Software
“Similar to other portfolio vendors with MDM solutions, TIBCO envisions integration via its TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud,” Gartner explains. “Therein, the MDM solution is but one of several integral components that, when realized, will enable distributed analytics within an organization. In support of this initiative, the vendor intends to substantially invest in cloud-based MDM capability (multitenant and single-tenant).”
“Viamedici’s understanding of manufacturer requirements for B2B product sell-side scenarios is evidenced by reference customers addressing those scenarios,” Gartner explains. “Viamedici EPIM is positioned as a platform for MDM, with capabilities for product information management, in support of digital marketing and digital commerce processes.”