12 leading platforms for master data management
Informatica, EnterWorks, Reltio and Magnitude Software are among the top MDM platforms reviewed in Forrester Research's latest Wave Report.
About these MDM platforms
Forrester Research has released its newest Wave Report, which looks at leading platforms for master data management. Authored by Forrester analyst Henry Peyret, the report uses a 29-criteria system, as well as customer reviews, to determine which products on the market yield the best MDM results.
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Forrester Research named three platforms to its Leaders rankings.
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“EnterWorks provides a family of products that includes product information management and digital asset management. Its MDM is a truly multi-domain, cloud, on-premises, and hybrid platform that provides data modeling, mastering, and distribution. EnterWorks’ offering is particularly effective for harmonizing the distribution of product information within ecosystems thanks to its syndication capabilities.”
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“Informatica’s future product strategy is to include its AI engine, CLAIRE, to simplify MDM integration, provide matching, discover relationships, or automate rules-based data quality. Forrester expects Informatica to tailor its MDM product to the growing midsize market and to prepare its offering for the IoT with better support for asset data domains. In February 2019, Informatica purchased Allsight, providing out-of-the-box customer insights for customer master intelligence. This will enable it to provide a third-generation MDM product.”
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“Reltio provides a multi-domain MDM product in the cloud only, using a multitenant architecture. This allows users to continuously benefit from the latest update and reduces the need to provision the platform. The platform is available today on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), with Microsoft Azure on the road map. Reltio uses machine learning, knowledge graph, graph database, auto-optimization of storage, and embedded analytics to provide one of the most versatile MDM products on the market and one of the few ready to evolve into MDM’s third generation.”
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Strong performers
Six MDM platforms were named as strong performers by Forrester.
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Magnitude Software
“Magnitude offers a portfolio of data management components: business information modeling; MDM; product information management; digital asset management; and a dynamic information warehouse. These focus on serving systems of record with quality capabilities (matching, deduplication), plus load and transform capabilities. In addition, Magnitude provides MDM business solutions to serve business users within a single app for multiple regions, multiple countries, and for companies with complex businesses.”
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Pitney Bowes
“Pitney Bowes’ offering is powered by a graph database and knowledge graphs to dynamically add on-the-fly viewpoints. The vendor’s specialty is customer information, location intelligence, and customer engagement in support of digital transformation and risk and compliance initiatives. As a consequence, Pitney Bowes’ solution is often used in complement to other MDM multi-domain solutions.”
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“Built using the latest cloud and big data architectures and best practices, Riversand’s offering represents a disruption compared to its previous generation. Its MDM platform is completed by solution applications like product information management, used by its retail and CPG customers. The platform is multi-domain, including customers, products, and assets, and it also includes advanced MDM product capabilities with hierarchy management as well as syndication with the Amazon Marketplace and Google Shopping.”
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“With SAP Master Data Governance, SAP provides a multi-domain MDM solution on-premises and in the cloud with quality, stewardship, and governance capabilities. The solution integrates very well with SAP business solutions such as SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Marketing Cloud, and SAP C4/HANA.”
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“Semarchy provides a cloud, on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud solution to simplify MDM adoption. It uses semantic technologies around the SemQL language to interrogate and query any data, including graph data. It also provides technologies like auto-generation of forms to quickly develop applications. All of these technologies enable a new, agile approach to MDM adoption. As an accelerator, Semarchy provides an application supporting the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which includes the right for portability — which is rare on the market.”
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TIBCO Software
“EBX will form a complementary piece in TIBCO’s portfolio of connected intelligence solutions. EBX is a multidomain MDM, reference data management, and metadata management platform. TIBCO provides modeling, simple integration, data quality, and process-based collaboration. It also offers role-based (stewards, data managers) or subject-based (GDPR, reference data, metadata) perspectives, including personalized dashboards, data models, workflows, and searches.”
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Three MDM platforms were ranked as Contenders in the Forrester Wave report.
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BackOffice Associates
“Information Governance Cloud, BackOffice Associates’ cloud environment, includes data quality and MDM capabilities executed through on-premises or cloud agents (Data Stewardship Platform). It uses several technologies, including a rules engine, knowledge graph, AI, and machine learning, to automate the data governance tasks as well as to determine the business value of improving data quality.”
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“IBM’s offering is part of its unified governance and integration portfolio. The vendor also launched a new MDM Express in 2018 for midsize companies and departmental use cases, with a free trial version available online. In addition to the usual MDM capabilities, IBM delivered Entity Analytics in 2018 to provide a 360-degree view of customers and products. IBM recognizes the increasingly strategic importance of data — as well as a platform approach to accommodate enterprises’ data strategies.”
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Stibo Systems
“Stibo Systems’ MDM platform provides modeling, profiling, data quality, integration, and data governance capabilities. Stibo Systems uses MDM as a foundation for several dedicated applications, such as customer MDM, product data syndication, product lifecycle management (PLM), and PIM solutions. The vendor is developing specific capabilities to support asset 360, the IoT, and geofencing with capabilities to regroup sensors following multiple dimensions. These will become generally available in 2019.”