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11 top data governance platforms
While many organizations are placing greater emphasis on their data governance initiatives, “most enterprises will struggle with enterprise data governance while they initially focus on customer, vendor or product,” says Aaron Zornes, chief research officer at the MDM Institute. “An integrated enterprise-strength data governance product that includes E2E data lifecycle will remain elusive as most organizations turn to lightweight glossaries with modest data steward workflows to support devolved autonomy and multi-disciplinary, bi-modal teams.” According to the MDM Institute, the following are 11 firms offering top data governance products.
Alation Data Catalog 4.x
Alation offers a metadata catalog focused on supporting analytics. Its product features customizable dashboards and alerts for data stewards and non-technical business, and the firm has a strong market presence due to its indirect sales channel.
Collibra Data Governance Center 5.3
Collibra offers a web-based, collaborative data governance platform. It includes all key data governance functions, such as business semantics glossary, reference data accelerator and data stewardship manager, and has a configurable predefined operating model.
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DATUM Information Value Management
DATUM offers a metrics-focused, SaaS-based platform for enterprise-wide “system of record” governance and digital transformation. The product integrates with existing data quality and MDM tools with data automation, workflow and metadata. It makes “data shopping” possible by making data assets findable, understandable and accessible through automated data discovery search.
erwin DG
Erwin DG is a SaaS product that uses role-based UI. It provides an integrated business glossary, data dictionary and catalog. It integrates via a common metadata repository with Erwin data modeling, enterprise architecture and business processes.
IBM Stewardship Ctr & Information Governance Catalog
This product offers a common data governance layer across standard and enterprise MDM server editions. It enables an organization to create diverse policies defined in natural business language and is available as a hosted or on-premise version.
Infogix Data3Sixty Govern
Infogix offers a browser-based, self-service business glossary; policy and business rule management; data quality metrics and dashboard; and built-in support for big data aggregation and quality.
Informatica Data Director
This product is good for robust master data management as a data steward consule. It offers strong visualization of history and data lineage; master data dashboards for proactive monitoring of data quality; and dynamic masking of data for security.

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Informatica Data Governance
This product is available in the cloud or on-premise. It offers machine learning for data discovery and profiling, and the data governance includes Enterprise Data Governance IDQ, Enterprise Information Catalog and Axon for Data Governance.
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Orchestra Networks EBX5
Orchestra Networks offers an integrated master data management/master data governance/reference data management product. It features linkages between conceptual and physical data; has standalone data governance or that can be integrated with MDM.
SAP Master Data Governance
This product offers ready-to-use governance applications integrated with SAP ERP. It has a predefined and extensible data model; prebuilt and flexible workflows; and multi-mode data replications.
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Utopia has had strong growth in North America, thanks in part to its SAP, Open Text and CAN partnerships. It’s product features multiple entry points for sales in migration, quality and governance; and it offers a full E2E lifecycle methodology.