Data storage

July 16, 2019 3:30 AM
While they have innate differences, and serve organizations differently, there is a universal thread that runs through both, without which, would render them useless.
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By Jim Efstathiou Jr.
May 31, 2019 6:32 AM
The 122-megawatt Cove Mountain 2 project will be built in Iron County, Utah, and is expected to open in 2020.
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By Leo Laikola and Natalia Drozdiak
May 28, 2019 6:07 AM
The new construction will add to Google’s existing data-center complex in Hamina on the south coast of Finland, taking the company’s total investment there to 1.4 billion euros.
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May 16, 2019 5:41 AM
Edge computing is a decentralized complement to the cloud for delivering on the promise of digital business and enabling IoT benefits, explains Gartner's Thomas Bittman.
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May 8, 2019 6:30 AM
More organizations are deploying data lakes as part of their data management strategies—and the cloud is playing an increasingly important role in these endeavors.
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May 2, 2019 6:52 AM
In the new book 'The Enterprise Big Data Lake,' author Alex Gorelik shares best practices for obtaining executive sponsorship and aligning the effort with business goals.
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By Ian King
April 29, 2019 6:30 PM
The world’s second-largest semiconductor maker late Thursday predicted its data-center group will post a revenue decline in 2019, its first drop in a decade.
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April 29, 2019 6:30 AM
Uncertain political environments and the impact of global trade wars have caused Gartner, Inc. to revise downward its IT spending forecasts for 2019.
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By Ian King
April 24, 2019 6:52 AM
The firm cautioned that a rebound in customer demand for its chips may take time to materialize, disappointing investors who had been encouraged by the company’s upbeat second-quarter forecast.
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April 10, 2019 6:48 AM
On average, organizations managed 9.7 petabytes of data in 2018, representing an explosive growth of 569 percent compared with the 1.45 PB managed in 2016.
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