Mehmet Orun

Data Strategy Leader, Salesforce
Mehmet Orun1
Mehmet Orun is a technology and data management professional with 20 years of experience, with a passion for combining proven best practices and emerging new techniques to help organizations better capture and manage their information. Mr. Orun brings a broad perspective to solution architecture, through his background as a developer, data modeler, enterprise architect, delivery manager, solution owner, and management consultant to deliver effective, sustainable solutions for the enterprise that addresses the end-to-end business problem while minimizing time to value. Previously, he served as Director, Data Quality at Salesforce, MDM Solution Owner and as Enterprise Architect for Data at Genentech. As as established thought leader in the data management profession, Mr. Orun has been presenting on MDM for over ten years. He also served on the boards of DAMA and Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) Data Quality exam committee, where he developed the Data Management Profession Career Paths guide. He is also the primary contributor of the Reference and MDM chapter of the DAMA DMBOK (Data Management Body of Knowledge).