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Reltio Cloud

Product Description:

Reltio Cloud is a modern Master Data Management (MDM) Platform used by Global 2000 companies to power their digital transformation, customer 360, and data compliance initiatives such as GDPR. Reltio Cloud, the industry’s gold standard for master data management; continuously unifies and organizes data from all sources and formats; discovers new relationships; and uses machine learning to improve data quality and deliver relevant insights.

What makes your company or product great?

Going beyond traditional MDM, Reltio Cloud delivers enterprise data-driven applications such as Customer 360 with reliable master data, corelated omnichannel transactions, hierarchies & relationships, relevant insights, and machine learning-powered recommended actions.

What key challenge does it solve?

Even though vast amounts of data can now be collected cost effectively, real business value lies in continuously organizing data across siloed sources and channels, to operate more efficiently and improve results. With Reltio, organizations benefit by:

  1. Putting data the heart of every decision
  2. Organizing data of all types at unlimited scale
  3. Unifying data sets while providing unlimited personalized views
  4. Infusing analytics into operational business processes
  5. Continuously learning about customers, products and their relationships

What is your best success story?

A top 5 global pharma had 67 legacy on-premises customer masters across 145 countries. They couldn't manage and leverage their customer data efficiently. Reltio replaced 67 MDM deployments with three regional tenants allowing them to execute multi-channel marketing campaigns and with simple configurability and ease of use, enabled sales representatives to submit data change requests via mobile, helping them reduce cost of ownership by $3.6M per year, and user query response time by 10X.