Streamlining Data Exchange Processes To Keep Pace With Customer Demands

1:15 p.m.
This presentation will examine how Ecolab, a leading supplier of cleaning solutions for foodservice facilities, strengthened its trading partner relationships and eliminated time-consuming, manual data entry. Jeff Cowan of GS1 US and Regan Van Tassel of Ecolab will provide an overview of how Ecolab’s data governance and collaboration tactics leveraged GS1 Standards to drive efficiencies throughout its supply chain—from its own manufacturing facilities to distributors, and on to end users.

There is heightened pressure to provide complete and accurate data and images to customers to succeed in today's digital marketplace. As a company focused on cleaning solutions, Ecolab serves 3 million customer locations in 40 industries. Creating an effective data governance framework based on GS1 standards helped Ecolab consolidate dozens of data repositories and ensure their product data was complete and “clean.”