Susan Joseph

Susan is the Founder and CEO of SheTechPower, a startup NGO�organized in response to UN Sustainable Development Goal 5-Gender Equality. SheTechPower�encourages the use of technology to empower women and works to ensure global female participation as leaders at all levels of decision-making with particular attention to women in fintech. She was formerly the CEO for ID2020, an NGO that focuses on harnessing global identity and addressing blockchain based solutions to help achieve UN Sustainable Development Goal 16.9-identity for all. Susan is a past General Counsel and Strategic Adviser (JD/MBA) for finance and insurance companies and has deep experience in supply chain finance. She founded and is the leader of Womeninfintech and is interested in blockchain/smart contract potential for insurance, supply chain, provenance and data trails, finance and IoT.� Susan is a conference speaker, writer, BOD member for Cornell College of Agriculture Alumni Association, Co-Chair of the Tech Committee for the Financial Women's Association, and guest lecturer on fintech at Cornell (CALS). In addition she wrote the Emerging Markets chapter for crowdsourced Fintech Book published by Wiley (2016.)What Susan imagines: As we proceed in the digital industrial revolution, I imagine how we will responsibly interact with technology: IoT, AI, Machine Learning, Augmented and Virtual Reality offer great reward and risk. What role does privacy have and how will the tensions between data rights, big data, tailored data and "the right to be remembered or forgotten" be resolved? How will businesses change and become/remain profitable while adapting to these challenges?�