Sham  Kashikar

Sham Kashikar

With more than 20 years of experience, Sham Kashikar is a senior IT leader leading BI,  MDM and Enterprise Architecture functions within large companies including Cisco and Sun Microsystems as well as high-growth  medium-sized companies such as VMware and McAfee.  Mr. Kashikar is very passionate about MDM and BI and believes they are key business strategy enablers.  He thinks MDM will evolve from current focus on Customer, Product and Item master to mastering the enterprise data assets where this data is consumed.  Mr. Kashikar has led multiple enterprise wide BI and MDM programs  from concept through implementation. He has championed the MDM and BI  initiatives including establishing business case, strategy, ROI,  cross-functional governance and collaboration across business functions. Mr. Kashikar has also partnered  with leading  MDM vendors on their product roadmaps.  He received his engineering degree from Government College of Engineering, Aurangabad (GECA).