Pranav Pasricha

Mr. Pasricha is the CEO at Intellect SEEC. He brings a wealth of IT, Operations and Strategy experience to Intellect SEEC’s clients. Prior to joining Intellect SEEC, he used to run strategy, technology and operations for QBE Insurance Australia. Prior to that Mr. Pasricha worked with top tier strategy consulting firms Booz Allen Hamilton and A.T Kearney.As a senior executive at a leading Global Insurance company, Mr. Pasricha has experience in managing a diverse range of functions including, corporate strategy, claims, IT, eBusiness, procurement and business improvement. Given his background, Mr. Pasricha has deep first hand understanding of operational processes of insurance companies and the role technology can play to improve efficiency and address key strategic issues.� Connect with him on LinkedIn to learn more about his approach to the changes happening in insuretech.