Nancy Barthel

Nancy is the head of Internal Audit at Fay Servicing LLC, where she is building the Internal Audit program, establishing an operational risk program, and completing risk-based audits.� A robust Internal Audit organization is a key focus of the CFPB who expects a servicer to have strong independent measures of the organization’s regulatory compliance and operational performance.� Internal Audit is considered the third line of defense, reporting independently to the Board of Directors Audit Committee.� The first and second lines of defense are QA and QC, reporting respectively to the business and Compliance.Nancy is a Certified Mortgage Banker and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with over 35 years of experience in the financial services industry. Prior to joining Fay Servicing, she served as the President of her own consulting firm, where she restructured operations, integrated technology, and implemented regulatory compliance programs for large banks, mortgage lenders including Bank of America, Chase, and Morgan Stanley, to optimize efficiency and manage audit/compliance risk. She served as Chief Operating Officer at Pierce and Associates, one of the largest Chicago law firms specializing in foreclosures, bankruptcies, and REOs for financial institutions across the country and led Information Technology, Operations, Finance, Quality Control, and Regulatory Compliance. In addition, she was SVP at SunTrust Mortgage where she managed the Imaging Center and Post Closing Operations and VP at Washington Mutual/PNC Mortgage, GE Capital Mortgage, and AVP at Mellon Bank, NA. She has been called upon by the Mortgage Banking Association to provide industry leadership in meeting with the US Congress to discuss financial legislation. Nancy earned her MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.