Ken Readus

Ken Readus is a technology and business visionary with executive and hand-on experience in automating multi-billion dollar enterprises. Mr. Readus has a strong record of success in creating and deploying robust IT solutions. He has a proven ability to bring the benefits of IT to solve business issues while managing costs and risks. Mr. Readus has led development and deployment of enterprise applications.� He offers 35 years of management experience which includes:� (10) years of Financial Accounting, Human Resources, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management & Distribution, (16) years of Customer Relationship Management (Sales, Marketing, Call Center & Support), (11) years of Master Data Management/Data Governance (Customer, Product and Supplier), (6) years of Cloud-based solutions ( and (3) years of Business Intelligence and Middleware solutions.� Currently, Mr. Readus is responsible for MDM solutions and� Data Governance (Strategy & Implementation) for eVerge Group, focusing on the development of data management solutions that improve business performance and the creation of strategies to mature clients in their data management initiatives. Providing customer relationship management and master data management. Creating an integrated approach to identifying, acquiring and retaining customers for multiple channels, departments, lines of business and geographies.