Joseph Blank

Joseph Blank is a senior IT leader with 25+ years of leading large-scale, global initiatives in Financial Services, Financial Technology Analytics, Trading and Brokerage Services, Accounting, and Consumer Products industries.� Mr. Blank has strong expertise in implementing Corporate Systems (Financial, Human Resources, Marketing and Sales) and has an extensive background in Corporate Reporting.�He is recognized as a strategic thought leader with diverse skills to recommend emerging technologies to transform company-wide data into quality cross-functional business analytic information and realizing cost savings and improving organizational efficiency.Mr. Blank has developed strategies to strengthen the S&P Global Corporate information management, analytics and data environment. This has included the building of advanced analytics platforms and planning for a digital platform, facilitating a collaborative business intelligence environment, and driving cross-functional data integration and analytics among different operating companies at S&P Global.Some of Joe’s most recent initiatives include:Promoting a culture for enabling S&P Global data scientists to bring new insights to light through quantitative methodologies and analysis.Enriching the data quality and consistency of core S&P Global business data through a Master Data Management program for Customer and Product entities.Creating a Corporate Data Warehouse used as a central gateway to a common set of standardized data and used as a foundation for producing cross-functional reporting and analysis.�������� Accelerating timely access to business data with self-service visualization tools for dynamic decision making.