Jonathan Lear

Jonathan Lear is President of Earthport PLC for the Amercas (North and South America) and the longest serving member of the Earthport Executive Management Committee. Jonathan is responsible for the overall leadership, strategy and execution of Earthport’s expansion plans in the Americas and establishing and nurturing relationships with our major global customers and partners.Earthport is the largest open global bank payment network, serving some of the world's top financial institutions, ecommerce companies and money transfer organizations.� With one connection to Earthport, our clients - representing some of the world's most respected brands -- benefit from the wide range of cost effective cross border payment options, coupled with sophisticated validation and compliance services.� Our in-country experts across the globe bring solutions to our clients that power their success.��This provides Earthport clients with access to local clearing schemes in over 65 countries.Jonathan has personally orginated,structured, and created strategic relationships with Earthport’s most important global customes including Bank of America Merrill Lynch; CIBC; PNC; Fiserv; Western Union; Stripe; AirBnB; IBM; and HyperWallet.Jonathan moved from the UK to the US to establish Earthport’s first overseas subsidiary in New York City in 2007. This followed a successful seven year career with Procter and Gamble in their Global Brand Management function.�Jonathan holds a B.Sc. in Business and Economics.�