Joe  Salesky

Joe Salesky

Joe Salesky is the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of FreeMonee Network, the world’s first gift network. Prior to founding FreeMonee, Joe was the Founder and CEO of ClairMail, the leading global provider of mobile banking and payments infrastructure. Previously he was CEO and founder of Skytron Corporation & PictureTalk, Inc.; as well as, the CTO of AppStream and held key executive positions at nCUBE and Oracle. Joe contributed to the development and received 19 patents on technologies now broadly in use by consumers and as part of enterprise infrastructure, including the original patent for web-conferencing.Joe is recognized as a leading voice in mobile payments and banking innovation, and has been both published and quoted in a number of National, International and Industry publications. In addition to his roles in industry and the media, under the Clinton Administration Joe was a benchmarked leader and member of the Council for Excellence in Government's inter-governmental technology leadership consortium.FreeMonee ( is the world’s first only gift network – connecting millions of credit and debit cardholders from the world’s largest financial institutions with national and local merchants. The FreeMonee Gift is an irresistible consumer incentive, immediatly delivering consumers to merchants at the highest incremental lift and ROI. Leveraging a gift campaign, a merchant decides how many customers they want, when they want them and where they want them. The FreeMonee gift underwriting system delivers Gifts that are compelling to consumers, straightforward, unconditional and easy to use. Consumers think about FreeMonee gifts as "their" money, and are highly motivated to use the gift and not let it go to waste.