Jason Wood is a Senior Security Consultant with Secure Ideas. He has over a decade of systems administration and security experience with the Windows and UNIX/Linux operating systems. He has spent most of his career in internet-based companies in security, application and infrastructure roles. These roles have required him to troubleshoot application issues, making different operating systems play well with each other and supporting developers during their projects. Jason was also responsible for vulnerability assessments, web application penetration testing and network security monitoring.Jason has also spent a number of hours in front of an audience presenting on security topics at conferences and in classes. He has presented at Derbycon and the Utah Open Source Conference. Before coming to Secure Ideas, Jason taught classes on vulnerability management, event monitoring, and configuration auditing for Tenable Network Security. He also has been a mentor for SANS Security 504 - Hacker Techniques, Exploits and Incident Handling.Jason is involved in the development of tools, course materials and blog posts at Secure Ideas. He helps maintain SANS SEC642: Advanced Web Application Penetration Testing. He is an author of Tactical Security Ops, a new class that will debut at Black Hat USA 2013. Jason is also the author of Reconnoiter, a reconnaissance project for penetration testing. He currently holds the GCIH certification. Twitter: @Jason_WoodEmail: jason@secureideas.com