James DePalma

Mr. DePalma is responsible for the management of client relationships and the implementation of progressive loss mitigation techniques in order to maximize the return to investors. He oversees foreclosure, bankruptcy and REO management as well as loan sales and acquisitions. Prior to joining AMS Servicing in May 2008, Mr. DePalma was President of Loan Servicing Solutions, a special servicing default shop located in Buffalo, NY. In 2005, Mr. DePalma was hired by Nomura Securities International, Inc. to establish a Credit Management, Special Servicing, MBS oversight and Loan Administration platform for NSI’s $15 billion whole loan residential conduit.Before NSI, Mr. DePalma was employed by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage as Director of Special Servicing for the HUD 601 Program, where he was given overall responsibility for the development of the special servicing platform.Prior to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Mr. DePalma was Vice President of Default Management and Special Servicing for North American Mortgage Company in Tampa, FL. During Mr. DePalma's tenure, North American Mortgage serviced $50 billion in mortgage assets and was a HUD Tier 1, FHLMC Tier 1 and FNMA Top Servicer in Default Management.Preceding North American in 1997, Mr. DePalma was a Principal and Executive Vice President at Clayton National Inc., a special servicing company serving primarily the investment banking sector, where he had overall responsibility for the servicing operation as well as information systems development, client relations and business development.Mr. DePalma has also held various management positions in mortgage banking and finance at First Federal Savings and Loan of Rochester, NY and began his career at Moody’s Investor’s Services as a Financial Analyst.Mr. DePalma holds a B.S. in Business Administration from St. Bonaventure University.