Haden Kirkpatrick

Haden Kirkpatrick joined Esurance in 2015 in the role of Director, Marketing Strategy and Innovation.� In this role, Mr. Kirkpatrick leads all competitive, market, and consumer research, as well as all go to market activities surrounding Esurance's product, service, and offer strategies.� A 15 year veteran of the Mobile Telecommunications industry, Mr. Kirkpatrick built his career by leveraging market research and technology innovation to disrupt crowded or semi-crowded markets.� Prior to Esurance, Mr. Kirkpatrick spent 10 years at T-Mobile where we ran a multi-billion dollar sub-prime business unit.� After T-Mobile, Mr. Kirkpatrick spent several years around the pacific rim as an independent Marketing, Strategy, and Innovation consultant.� Mr. Kirkpatrick brings this experience to Esurance, where he intends to leverage Esurance's innovative position to disrupt the self-directed insurance category.�