Frances A. Geary Morcos

Fran began her banking and mortgage career as a Teller and learned all functions of the business from the ground up.� Working her way through all of the changes with technology and compliance and regulation, Fran has developed a passion for providing “best in practice” philosophies in her approach to the job at hand.� Currently migrating into the Business Information arena for St. Mary’s, her tenure as Manager of the Loan Servicing Department provided Fran with a solid knowledge base of the portfolio. Fran is focused on maintaining the integrity of the portfolio by working with Business Area Owners to develop usable data and reports that provide for more efficient process and procedural oversight.Fran joined St. Mary’s Bank almost three years ago coming from Bank of New England as the Assistant Credit Manager, overseeing the commercial credit analysts for the Southern NH commercial lender.� Prior to that, Fran worked at GMAC Bank, revamping the Construction Lending Department and served as the Business Development Director for New England and New York.� Fran collaborated on creating a “toolkit” for Construction Loan Officers that provided all of the required “tools” (origination forms, disclosures, lien waivers, order documents and servicing forms) that would facilitate a construction loan from start to finish (for all areas down the production line).� Fran also served a Private Investor managing the portfolio of distressed properties located throughout the country, and provided a ROI of 80% to that investor.Fran resides in Nashua, NH with her husband and two children.� Fran completed the Residential Mortgage Lending Program through MA Mortgage Bankers’ Association at Northeastern University and has continued to keep up with all regulatory compliance issues concerning lending institutions, small and large.