Chris Gardner

Chris Gardner

Chris serves Infrastructure & Operations professionals as they face the unique opportunities and challenges of migrating business technology into modern, software-defined environments. He specializes in treating elements of infrastructure systems like developers treat their apps: individual pieces of code that can be dynamically shaped and remolded to handle changing business needs at will. Chris has a special passion for abstraction, automation, DevOps, and how I&O professionals and their organizational culture can evolve and capitalize on a flexible and exciting future.

Previous Work Experience

Chris comes to Forrester with 15 years of experience in infrastructure and process excellence. For the previous eight years, he worked with New York Life, designing and managing financial systems in its Investments group; managing the Investments service desk; and finally, as a key team member, implementing a new operating model for the technology organization as a whole. Prior to this, he managed infrastructure in advertising and public relations at Interpublic and the Public Relations Society of America, respectively.


Chris holds a Master of Business Administration in information systems from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a bachelor’s degree in computer science and writing from Sarah Lawrence College.