Angela Kolb

Angela Kolb is a Certified Mortgage Banker (CMB) and director of compliance for CoreLogic Dorado. In this capacity, she works with leading mortgage and consumer finance lenders to interpret regulatory changes and to facilitate the implementation of new and existing rules across the company�s mortgage origination systems and production work flows.A recognized authority in compliance analysis and implementation, Angela has held a number of leadership roles during her more than 25 years in the mortgage industry, ranging from loan production and information technology (IT) management to overseeing the implementation of multiple loan origination systems (LOS). She joined CoreLogic Dorado in 2008 as a product manager for the company�s ChannelMaster product and was named director of compliance in 2010. In addition to her day-to-day responsibilities as director, she oversees a CoreLogic Dorado-sponsored bi-annual regulatory workshop for lenders.Prior to assuming her current position at CoreLogic Dorado, Angela was vice president of information systems for Guaranty Bank, where she was responsible for product and market analysis, system implementation and quality assurance. She writes frequently on the subject of mortgage industry regulation and has been published in a variety of industry publications. Her most recent article, �RESPA Readiness: Hitting a Moving Target,� appeared in Mortgage Banking Magazine. Angela holds a bachelor�s degree in business administration and an MBA in finance from Texas State University.