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July 29, 2014
Advancing Analytics in the Digital Age
July 11, 2014

Managing the Lifecycle of Big Data

Available On-Demand

Date Held: February 20, 2014

Data lifecycle management is the process of managing business information throughout its lifecycle, from requirements through retirement. The emergence of big data creates growing amounts of data, only reinforcing the need for effective data lifecycle management. In the world of big data, all sources are crucial and must be managed throughout their lifecycle.

In this webcast, we will cover topics that include:
  • What is data lifecycle management and why is it important
  • Archiving data to hadoop as part of a big data strategy to make informed business decisions
  • Maintaining data warehouse performance despite growing data volumes in a big data environment
  • Delivering big data applications for performance and functionality with realistic test data
  • Preventing the exposure of confidential data in non-production environments

Brian Vile, Program Director of Product Marketing for Information Governance, IBM

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