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5 Ways to Ease the Data Blending Challenge
January 15, 2015

Mainframe Analytics at the Speed of Business

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Date Held: March 27, 2014

The need for real-time intelligence is driving the development of next generation data architectures that allow mainframe data to be more easily shared across the enterprise. In the past, ETL or data replication was necessary to avoid the high computational cost of on-host data access.

New integration approaches are eliminating the necessity to move data, and now allow non-relational data sources like Adabas, VSAM or IMS DB or Physical Sequential files, to directly integrate with business intelligence and analytics tools. Explore the latest advances in mainframe data virtualization - parallel I/O, zIIP specialty engines, ANSI 92 SQL - and learn how you can have real-time, universal access to this critical source of business information.

Join us on March 27 at 12pm ET/9am PTfor an Information Management Espresso Shot to explore this topic with our expert speakers.

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